The Bulgarian Opportunity

The Bulgarian Opportunity

Bulgaria is a rapidly developing country and is therefore an increasingly popular choice for overseas investors.
Our research has shown that a large number of young families and couples have seized the Bulgarian Opportunity as they are fed up with the UK prices and the never ending struggle to get a foot on the property ladder, some buying combined packages of domestic and commercial Properties for new business ventures and a better standard of living for as little £40,000.
The more mature investor is opting for Bulgaria due to the climate, lower living costs and a slower pace of life. Some invest in land to design and build a new home while others are buying renovation properties to renovate themselves, with a large number of investors buying holiday homes to rent out throughout the year.

Why Bulgaria?

Bulgaria has a Stable Political Climate and one of the Fastest Growing Economies in Europe.
Bulgaria has full membership to the EU.
Bulgarian Currency the Lev is fixed to the Euro exchange rate.
Full NATO membership.
Established Tourism Industry.
Regular Flights from all over Europe.
The cost of living in the UK is four of five times the average cost in Bulgaria.
Energy costs in the UK are nearly seven to eight times more expensive than Bulgaria.
The Council Tax in Bulgaria is on average £25 Per Year.

Property Prices

The Property Prices in Bulgaria are set to increase with many benefits for investors, therefore now would be a good time to invest.
We have plots of land and property available from under £2500 and where in the UK can you buy a plot including all legal fees from under £5,000.
To buy a similar plot in the UK you would need an average mortgage of £125,000.
That’s just for the land, then how much more for the building costs?

View what we offer for under £115,000.
Two properties one sits near the lake, the other has swimming pool, stables and 12000sqm of land.

How much would this cost us in the UK?

Contact our Customer Services with any queries you may have
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Bulgarian Flights from £17.50pp

The Black Sea Coastal airport of Bourgas has revealed they are now serving 28,000 passengers per day. Most of the passengers arrive from the UK, Sweden and Germany. Due to the increase, Bourgas Airport has officially opened a new departure terminal which is part of the investment programme of concessionaire Fraport Twin Star Airport Management. This is good news for visitors travelling to Bulgaria as this increase has had a positive effect on flight prices, currently you can travel to Bourgas for as little as £17.50. P.P.

Contact for further details or telephone 01738800346
Visit for flight details.
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For more than 500 years golf has been played at Carnoustie.

Today, it offers one of the toughest 18 holes in golf.

The North Americans have renamed Carnoustie as Car-Nasty.

Padraig Harrington made a testy three-footer for bogey and beat Sergio Garcia by one in a playoff for the 136th Open Championship yesterday.

However there was a shamen in their midst.

Jim Weathers a massive guy and a former member of Americas Military’s Green Berets, part of Mickelson’s entourage revealed his amazing life story after curing all aches and aliments of the staff at the Loch Lomond Garden Party held before the Open at Carnoustie.
Jim had a nasty accident while stationed at Yukuska naval base in Japan back in the 1980’s.
He hit a tree on a night parachute jump and was struggling to breathe but army doctors could not find a reason for it so he was sent to visit a blind old Japanese lady, Toshi Namiami who had already been treating a few of his comrades including the base commander for many years, she discovered by merely touching his feet that he had two broken ribs but she also diagnosed a hernia which Jim did not believe he had. The most surprising thing though was that Toshi advised Jim that he was not a killer but in fact a healer, she advised that she had waited a long time for him, over thirty years, but a confused Jim explained that he was only nineteen, Toshi replied “she new he would come to her.”
Jim dismissed this and actually thought she was crazy but when indeed a doctor diagnosed a hernia over a month later his opinion of her changed slightly. He later visited Toshi again for after surgery treatment and she asked him “why did you let doctors cut you? I could have fixed you along time ago without cutting you open you stupid American.” Jim had already been advised by the army doctors that he would be unable to jump again for about 6 weeks but after Toshi’s treatment he was able to jump two days later, she had cured him by rubbing his feet. Jim stated that it was very easy to be sceptical but was persuaded to join her in the evenings to attend her classes and learn her skills as she truly believed he was a true shamen. Jim attended Toshi’s classes learning all that he could from her for over two years until he was transferred from Japan. Jim never saw her again until the night he was pronounced dead after being trapped under ground with the oxygen supply cut off and when rescuers tried to free him they dropped him 20 feet head first and he had a broken back in three places but as he was nearing the light in his near death experience he was approached by four ladies one of them was Toshi and she was crying Jim reached out to her but she said no go back go away, to the right of Toshi was a beautiful lady with red skin and he felt drawn to her like a magnet and when she touched Jim he said it felt like a thousand volts had gone through his body, she also told him to go, then suddenly Jim heard all the sounds of the hospital the IV dripping the nurses talking. Later Jim found out that the other lady had been his grandmother who had died when his father was seven she had been an Indian healer and Jim believes her gift has been passed to him.
Although Jim does not confess to being a healer many others proclaim he is, due to the phenomenal healing powers he has demonstrated treating over 40 pro golfers including Mickelson and Fred Couples to name a few.
Jim’s proudest achievement is when a 43 year old man had been paralysed while surfing with his two children, doctors told him he would never walk again but to many peoples astonishment the man walks freely without any aides whatsoever.
Jim believes that it is a combination of the power of the mind and his gift of good energy that makes the treatments he gives possible.

Visit Carnoustie, Gleneagles and St Andrews golf courses in Scotland through

Contact info@bis-perth for information regarding all Scottish Golf facilities and Holidays

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Minding My Own Business

I don’t mind advertising at all, we all advertise but I have to say I get really annoyed at unsolicited phone calls.
Last Monday I received six calls offering me Loans, Double Glazing, Insurance and a free conservatory if I purchase ten Double glazed windows and an eight unit Kitchen Package. What a deal but I did try and explain I have those mentioned above but it fell on deaf ears so after their sales pitch I politely asked would you be so kind and remove my Business and Home number from your list as I have all the products you have to offer, only to be informed that I would have to write to them detailing the calls I have received with dates and times.
RUBBISH, no I didn’t say that but I was tempted!!
So for anyone else experiencing the same problems contact and they will remove your details.

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Ok so I have introduced you to the company, the reasons why I set up my Business and shown you what we at can offer, now lets compare Bulgaria.
I love Bulgaria as do so many others, 500 000 UK holiday and property buyers visited Bulgaria in 2006.
There has been a dramatic increase in residency applications over the last year and we can all see why. The cost of living the scenery, the beaches, the people and the list goes on. But I think and research has shown that the biggest influence encouraging UK people to make the move is their disillusionment with Britain.
I have found that it is not just high earners who can afford to make the move a lot of working class who have sold their council houses and used the income to purchase in Bulgaria because they can get a lot more for their money.

Is this about to change?

The European Commissioner on Consumers’ Protection Meglena Kuneva said that the liberalizing of markets is necessary, and suppliers will be carefully surveyed
Then a report stated that energy prices may rise by 31% now at the moment this would not seem a lot to us in the UK where we are charged some of the highest rates in Europe, but to the Bulgarians whose average wage for the middle class is 375€ per month, is quite high, however discussions are now in place on income. According to statistics salaries have gone up by 11% but trade unions in Bulgarian are said to be unhappy with this figure and the Podkrepa trade union put forward a 25.4% increase.
The Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria president Zhelyazko Hristov’s claimed that keeping in mind the positive changes in the tax and insurance tariffs we are set to propose a 15% increase in the salaries in the real sector of the economy. We also believe that the negotiations within the separate sectors ought to become a steady trend in Bulgaria. This would in turn contribute to company negotiations and would facilitate the discussions about the minimum income and insurance tariffs.
The Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev pledged the cabinet would update its priorities and would work towards an income increase and that the incomes in the private sector have gone 15% up over the first three months of the year.
Experts tend to explain this fact with the country’s EU membership and the opening of the common European market to Bulgaria, while at the same time the employers have tended to protect their staff. At present a total of 10 EU member states have removed the restrictions to Bulgarian labour, the rest have still partial limitations that are due to be revised.
So it’s all good then?
When compared to the UK.

Reports revealed that first time buyers are being priced out of the property market. Figures show that first time buyers now make up 35% of all home buyers down from 50% at the start of 2007. Figures released from the Council of Mortgage Lenders show that UK buyers have to earn an average salary of £35,000 that’s £10,000 more than the national average wage just to get a foot on the property market ladder. Statistics revealed that typical buyers are being forced to borrow a record 3.37 times their salary compared with a little over double 10 years ago.
Another added burden is two out of three buyers will have to pay Stamp Duty because of Britain’s soaring house prices. The average first time buyer’s house now costs £154,394 and is rising by 10% a year. Many buyers are borrowing loans 5 or 6 times more than their salary. This is staggering and unaffordable and this is another reason I have chosen to invest in Bulgaria.
On my last visit over to invest I stayed in a beautiful Villa with private pool in a small rural village that cost only £300 for a fortnight the cost of the flights for 2 was under £200 and we spent £200, yes that’s all we spent and we had a wonderful holiday, we ate out twice a day, our weekly shop cost us £15 and this included fresh fruit and veg, wine, beer, juice, milk, delicious cheese, ice cream, bread and the list goes on but my favourite has to be the meat, they have the best tasting meat I have ever tried (no added water) you may remember this type of meat, when cooked it stays the same size as uncooked.
I am set to return quite soon to approve building works on my plot, well that’s my excuse, I am looking at the full cost of a Villa holiday including car hire, flights and spending to come to no more than £700 for a two week break, what an amazing bargain Bulgaria is, I just can’t wait to get back.


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Bis-Perth can organize all aspects of your vacation.
We have access to thousands of package holidays with fantastic savings on last minute deals.
For the more independent traveller we have a fantastic range of villas available with or without flights, at amazing prices.

Spanish Villa with private pool near the coast £80 Per Week.
Flights available from £63 P.P Return, Departing from most UK airports.

Our services include applying for your new EHIC CARD formally E111 form, to claim back any medical expenses.

Arrange your 0% Foreign Currency and have it delivered to your home.

Find you the best deals on Car Hire and Travel Insurance.

Arrange all your holiday essentials including, digital camera, suntan creams, lotions, clothes etc all you will need for your holiday delivered straight to your door.

You can also apply through Bis-Perth for your Interest Free Holiday Credit Card.

Credit Card Benefits

  1. 0% Commission on purchases made abroad

  2. A further 3 months 0% Interest on normal purchases

  3. 0% Interest on all balance transfers for 10 Months

  4. Another 0% Interest Free 5 Months in 2008 & 2009

  5. A Major Benefit of this Credit Card is the overall rate of 15.9 %

Let Bis-Perth take the stress and hassle out of arranging your holiday, you provide us with what you want and we will get you it, as simple as that.

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Telephone: 01738800346

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