Bulgaria Looking Very Good, Can We Say The Same For The UK?

Reports last week showed that the Bulgarian property market is looking very good and is predicted to continue on this path, but the same can’t be said of the UK Property market.

Repossessions are up by 21% and there are no signs at the moment of this decreasing as the CML have predicted that this will continue in 2008.

The number of homes repossessed in 2007 was 27,100 the highest since 1999.

Many factors have contributed to this increase including, added pressures on homeowners owing to higher energy bills, food costs and more than a million people coming off fixed-rate mortgages.

Statistics revealed that many home owners are paying their mortgage with credit cards, but many credit cards companies are reducing lending facilities in light of the latest credit crunch.

A lot of home owners feel that there is no other way out of this predicament but to allow repossession, but there is!!!

You can contact your lender and re-negotiate with them and if this does not help you could if not tied in arrange another mortgage with favourable terms; you can also arrange another credit card with more favourable terms like 0% interest on balance transfers.

We have looked at the most popular and favourable mortgage terms and credit card facilities on the market today and we found in the long term the Post Office are offering really good rates of 5.99% fixed for three years and their credit card facilities come with 0% interest on balance transfers.

There is some good news, some of the biggest lending companies have reduced their rates by 0.25% but it still maybe a little to late for some whom have already lost their home to repossession and are now facing Bankruptcy.

If you are facing similar issues don’t delay contact your Mortgage Company or find another with preferential rates.

To find out more about the rates offered by the Post Office Visit Bis-Perth Mortgages

Bulgarian Property Market Booms Again 2007

Good news again for Bulgarian Property Investors as the Bulgarian property market was the worlds strongest in 2007, with an estimated turnover of 11.36 billion it has exceeded all expectations and has seen an increase of over 2.36 billion Euros over 2006 figures.

It is predicted that the Bulgarian Construction Boom will continue to grow at 12% - 16% year on year until 2010.

We have seen prices rise dramatically over the last few months and this is set to continue due to the good mortgage market, high revenue of properties and the weak impact of the global credit crunch on Bulgaria.

Britain and Russia played an important part in maintaining these excellent market conditions with high investment in Bulgaria.

UK investors accounted for 40% of all Bulgarian Investments in 2007 and Russia accounted for another 38% of all investments in the Bulgarian Market.

As predicted previous property investors in the Bulgarian Property market will indeed benefit from these conditions but on the other hand those looking to invest in the future will pay slightly higher prices for Bulgarian Property, but all and all, the outlook is very favourable as prices still remain the cheapest in Europe.

An additional benefit to property investors in Bulgaria is the reduction to 10% flat rate of tax making Bulgarian one of the most tax efficient countries to relocate or invest in to.

Another benefit for this year is the introduction of more Budget Airlines increasing their flight frequency to Bulgaria which will make travelling to Bulgaria much more cost effective.

Once again the outlook is very positive for the Bulgarian Property Investor.

You can contact us at www.bis-perth.co.uk

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Robert Burns 1759-1796

Tonight we will celebrate Robert Burns our tribute to the Bard

Robert Burns was a famous scotch poet whose birthday will be celebrated around the world today.

A Scottish traditional Burns supper will include the Haggis; traditionally the Haggis would be piped in by a Scottish bagpipe player and served with Neeps (turnips) and Tatties (potatoes).

Robert Burns believed that once you have eaten the haggis you have the strength to fight any foe.

During the course of the meal poems and love songs will be recited in our mother tongue beginning with Address to a Haggis.
Revellers will don their own tartans representing many different clans and plenty of whiskey will flow at the Ceilidhs in Scottish Tradition of course. Celebrations have been known to last until February.

Address to a Haggis

Verse 1

Fair fa’ your honest, sonsie face,
Great Chieftain o the puddin’-race!
Aboon them a’ye tak your place
Painch, tripe, or thairm:
Weel are ye wordy of a grace
As lang’s my arm

Burns poetry captures the essence of Scottish Culture and appeals to people of all nationalities.

In Russia, Burns night is often held in the Kremlin and broadcast to the Russian people via television.

The Russian people are extremely big admirers of Robert Burns and his work is taught in Russian schools, they claim to have an even bigger following than us fellow Scots, they had a commemorative stamp produced in his honour in 1956 before the Scottish stamp was issued.

In Australia and New Zealand revellers will be getting into the Scottish spirit by hosting celebrations in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Wellington to honour Burns.

Even the USA where towns have been named after him, big celebrations will be held to mark the occasion.

Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan praised Burns for his understanding of poverty which has relevance throughout the world today.

Robert was the eldest of seven children born on January the 25th 1759; Robert was born into poverty and lived a humble life in a small thatched cottage built by his father which is very popular with tourists today.

My parents took me to see the cottage when I was young and in turn I have taken my children and hopefully this tradition will continue when my children have family of their own.

Robert worked hard as a farmhand on his father’s farm and when his father died Robert and one of his brothers took over the running of the farm.

In his teen years 1774 Robert started writing and his first poem was called “O Once I loved” little did he realise then that he was going to be one of the greatest poets of all time.

His inspiration came from travelling across Beautiful Scotland.
The breathtaking scenery surrounding his birthplace Alloway in Ayrshire and throughout Scotland inspired him to write mountain daisy and many other well know pieces.

His first poems were published in 1786 and he earned the title of “Ploughman’s Poet”

Robert married Jean Armour in 1788 and they had nine children but only three survived into adult hood, it is claimed that he fathered a further four illegitimate children through a string of affairs.

Following the publication of a collection of poems written in Scottish Dialect Robert became even more famous and this collection of poems soon became one of the greatest collections ever written.

It is suggested that Robert Burns penned over 400 Folk Songs and hundreds of poems one of his most famous songs is Auld Lang Syne which is traditionally sung on Hogmanay the world over although not an original of Robert he did pen the third and fourth verse and it translates as “old long times” and is about keeping friends and remembering them and thinking of those closest to us.

Burns humanity continues to appeal to all nationalities as the man himself once said “Man to man, the world o’er, shall brithers be for a’ that.

Please feel free to let us know about your own celebrations or opinions Contact us

Scottish & Bulgarian Winter Pictures

Scottish & Bulgarian Winter Pictures

Season's Greetings from Bluefolds

Hi from Scotland!!!!!

Shades of white The cloud rolls in

Afternoon cloud makes visibility poor

Beautiful snow and mountains - Lecht ski resort Road to Bluefolds
Scottish ski Centres have seen the best snow for years.
The Cairingorms, the Lecht, Glenshee, Glencoe and the Nevis Range were all open to Skiers, snowboarders and even kids sledging this season.

Getting ready for sledging

Kids getting ready for sledging. Great!!!!!!!

Winter Sunrise from Folds Cottage

Scotland is host to some of the best scenery in the world but in winter it is just amazing.
Cold but amazing!!!!!

Packhorse Bridge over the River Livet Ben Rinnes Winter storm

Packhorse Bridge over the River Livet & Ben Rinnes Winter Storm

River Spey Scotland Winter Sunset River Spey Bluefolds winter sun

Scotland is beautiful at any time of the year and as I have said before it is very similar to Bulgaria.


Bulgaria in Winter

Winter in the mountain, Bulgaria by Kremena

Hi from Bulgaria!!!!!

Joolz and Joe Bulgaria Skiing Feb 2007 (17)

Kids enjoying the ski slopes

Wintertime, Central Stara Planina, Bulgaria by Kremena 34.Unbelieveable beauty, Batak Reservoir, Bulgaria

Beautiful Bulgarian Mountains & Batak Reservoir Bulgaria

47.We're enjoying this spa treatment

Enjoying a hot mineral bath on a cold winters day, how wonderful!!!!!

Dawn at Pamporovo - 2

Pamporovo at Dawn.


And back to the ski slopes for some more fun in the snow!!!!!

Joolz and Joe Bulgaria Skiing Feb 2007 (31)

I would recommend both Scotland and Bulgaria for a superb winter vacation.

Don’t forget your winter woollies!!!!!!!!!

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Bulgarian 4x4

Our clients choose to view a selection of properties in the mountains; they were viewing eight different Land plots not to far from Veliko Tarnovo.

They requested all mountainous areas, quite secluded and off the beaten track.

Boy were they shocked when they arrived in Bulgaria last week to find 10 cms of snow.

Our Bulgarian Office in Veliko Tarnovo had arranged for an ordinary car to take our clients around their properties of choice but we had to have a rethink due to the snow and location of the plots of land.

I have to say our clients looked very relieved when we arrived at their hotel in a 4x4!!!

Their review of the viewing trip was “an amazing adventure” which actually gave them an insight into just what the conditions would be if they were living there all year round and not just in the summer months, I though that this would have put them off slightly but to my amazement it did not deter them at all and they assured us that this is exactly what they were looking for.

So all of my fretting and worrying about our clients in the snow covered mountains was in fact unfounded, as I now have two really pleased clients who have found their ideal plot.

My advice to anyone venturing into the beautiful Bulgarian Mountains “HIRE a 4X4!!!”

Golden Sands Zlanti Pyasatsi

Black Gold
My eldest daughter has just started her first full time job in a local Travel Agents and is amazed at the popularity of Bulgaria; obviously she hears me rambling on about Bulgaria all the time but now she has it confirmed just how popular it is.

Everyday she comes home with tales to tell of clients who are returning visitors or prospective visitors who want to experience that Bulgarian Magic which makes this country so special.

Now bearing in mind she has visited Bulgaria many times I had to laugh when she asked did “Golden Sands get its name because of the beach?”

“Yes” I replied “but many people think that the name Golden Sands was made up by tour operators and developers to lure tourists and investors to the Black Sea Coast, but this could not be further from the truth, the Bulgarian name Zlanti Pyasatsi means Golden Sands in English and has been named this for many centuries.”

“Well that settles the argument then” she replied “because one of my colleagues firmly believes that this is a recent name given to do just that lure the tourists” and I said, she confirmed “well it can’t be as my mum has been visiting Bulgaria for years and she is ancient so it won’t be recent!”

“Oh thanks sweetheart was all I could muster!”

I then proceeded to tell her of all the benefits of Bulgaria that she could tell her clients about, like the local food, the people, the weather and activities on offer and her reply was “yes mum I have been there before you know!”


We have on offer some fantastic bargains to Bulgaria at the moment for those who are going over to view properties or are just looking for a well earned break.

Flights from just £119.00 PP and if you are looking to take in some lovely sites of the ancient town of Veliko Tarnovo what about a 5* cottage that sleeps 6 with all modern facilities and beautiful views of the Yantra River for only £270 Per Week.

Client Reviews of Property

"Nestled in a quiet, cobbled street overlooking the river Yantra, this property is both comfortable and welcoming. The views from the balcony are to die for whilst the property itself has been tastefully renovated to include all modern conveniences. The local key holder was extremely polite, friendly and helpful at all times (even on a Sunday!) and the area has shops, ruins, castles, museums and churches to explore. Overall this is a great place to rent. Treat yourself!"

Or what about a Beautiful Rustic Mountain Villa in an outstanding location with beautiful scenery situated in Troyan where you can visit many sites and participate in a vast range of activities with prices from £196 Per Week

Client Reviews of Property

"We have just returned from our stay at villa Donna in Troyan Bulgaria, the villa and its location was outstanding, if you are looking for a relaxing holiday with lots of nature around this is the place for you. The owners arranged for us to be picked up from the airport and also arranged car hire for us"

Try and beat that darling daughter, not to bad for an oldie!!!!!

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Tchestita Koleda Merry Christmas

In Bulgaria they place great importance on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day itself as the Bulgarians believe that Gods son was born then and they celebrate the birth with an important special dinner, consisting of twelve dishes, representing each of the twelve months of the year.
None of the dishes include any meat but there are nuts, fruit, vegetables and cakes.

It is tradition that farmers will strike the blazing Christmas log in their fireplaces to bring good health to their animals and to bring a good harvest.
Money is hidden in the ashes and these are placed in a tree to ensure a good crop.

Some Traditional Christmas Recipes
Bulgarian Tradition

In the round loaf there is a hidden coin, part of an important Christmas ritual. The eldest member of the family takes three pieces of bread and sets them aside - one piece for the Christ child, one for Mary and one for the household. He then breaks up the bread and gives a piece to everyone at the table.
The person who finds the coin in his piece is expected to have good fortune in the next year.
In some parts of the country, unmarried girls take their first piece of bread from the Christmas Eve meal and place it under their pillows, believing that they will then dream of their intended husband during the night.


1 kg flour
1 ½Tablespoon of Yeast
½ teaspoon sugar;
1 teaspoon salt;
1 teaspoon vegetable oil
Sift the flour twice, make a well in the centre then fill with the yeast, add a small amount of water to the yeast then add the sugar and salt then knead to make dough, place a scalded coin in the middle.
Bake in a lightly buttered dish until it turns slightly golden, then spread with sugared water and bake for ten more minutes.


10-15 pickled cabbage/vine leaves
4 onions;
Salt and pepper
1 cup rice
2 red tomatoes - fresh or tinned
1 cup of chopped parsley
2 fresh red peppers
1 carrot
1 ½ cup vegetable oil
Chop the onions, fresh peppers and carrot and add salt to taste, then brown in vegetable oil.
When onion softens add the rice, then the tomatoes (peeled and grated), pepper and chopped parsley. Mix well.

Fill the cabbage leaves and wrap them tightly, then cover the bottom of the cooking pot with sauerkraut and arrange the stuffed leaves on top.
Cover with water and stew on a low heat until the leaves soften. Lovely


A delicious and very important part of the traditional Bulgarian Christmas Eve meal is boiled wheat, which represents the life cycle of nature.Ingredients:
2 cups of pounded (or un pounded) wheat
3 cups sugar
2 cups chopped walnuts

Remove impurities from wheat and wash. Pour cold water over it and boil until soft, then cover the pot with a twice folded towel and swell.
Drain the remaining water and mix the wheat with the sugar and walnuts.


3 cups dried fruit - apricots, apples, plums and dates
3 cups granulated sugar
Wash the dried fruit well, soak in cold water and leave overnight. Boil in the same water until it becomes soft.
Add sugar or honey to taste.

All of the above dishes will be tried in my home on Christmas Eve.
Why not give it a go; I am sure you will enjoy an alternative Christmas Eve meal.

Tchestita Koleda
Merry Christmas

From all of us at Bis-Perth we hope you enjoy the holidays and festivities